July 2019


64% Higher digital check size
5% Increase in same store sales
13X Return on Investment

Canada’s Copper Branch serves 100% plant-based non-GMO Power Foods and their mission is to serve their community “quality, whole foods and offer the world real food as fast-food for a change.” Chef-inspired flavors provide some of the healthiest and best tasting foods available. Their menu is made up of healthy foods that prevent disease and are packed with nutritional value. They provide foods that empower, energize, and make people feel their best – allowing everyone to live their lives to the fullest. By concentrating on accessible and nutritional fast-food, Copper Branch has been able to expand to 52 locations and counting. Visit Copper Branch’s website to learn more about franchising opportunities!

Copper Branch’s modern concept meant they attracted a younger demographic. However, this raised a new problem – Millennials and Gen Z’ers were technologically savvy and expected their restaurants to offer cutting edge digital experiences. Copper Branch needed a platform that offered these digital experiences including web and online ordering, payments, marketing and CRM. Being able to white label these experiences was also important.

Incentivio’s platform allowed Copper Branch to deploy a beautiful mobile app and online ordering site that mirrored the Copper Branch brand and provided a seamless and consistent experience. Copper Branch is involved with multiple charitable organizations and also wanted to showcase this contribution to their customers. One partner, Rainforest Trust, is an organization that is committed to protecting the planet’s most endangered rainforest land and wildlife. To reflect this partnership, Incentivio customized Copper Branch’s app with a “Rainforest Trust” tab with a real-time counter that showed the acres of rainforest land that Copper Branch has helped preserve. Now, customers can order from their smartphone app while seeing their charitable impact. Incentivio expanded Copper Branch’s digital presence, which improved the customer experience and impacted the bottom-line.

Digital orders in the restaurant industry have a 15-20% higher average check size. However, Copper Branch’s intuitive, omni-channel digital guest experience has resulted in an average digital check size that is 64% higher than in-store or phone in. Copper Branch’s online orders have also doubled since launching Incentivio. The bottom line? Copper Branch increased same store system-wide sales by 10% percent in six months with half of that (5%) attributable to Incentivio, leading to a 13X return on investment.

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Rio Infantino

CEO Copper Branch

The Incentivio team was great to work with, and we were able to go from contract signature to launch in just six weeks. The team is always available to answer questions and operates as a true partner. Our phenomenal growth has been in part due to the cutting-edge digital experience we have been able to provide our guests.


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