July 2019


$350k Annual mobile sales per location
10% Use the app daily
62% After ordering once, ordered again

About Pura Vida Miami
Pura Vida was created by husband and wife to serve as a place for friends and family to gather, with a menu that works for any time of the day and locally sourced and organic ingredients. Whether you’re a health conscious 20 something, an athlete, a soccer mom, dog mom, a foodie, whoever they have something for you. They strive to make an impact in the community not just by providing healthy food, but by creating a community of people who value quality and health.

Custom App that Fit Brand Aesthetic
Incentivio designed an app that matches Pura Vida’s brand perfectly while offering loyal customers a convenient, feature-rich and easy-to-use app. In order to accommodate vegan, vegetarian, gluten-friendly, and dairy-free guests, the app allows guests to enter allergy information.

Toast Integration Makes Updating Menus Simple
Toast, Inc. is a leading provider of Point of Sale Systems that leverages cloud-based software to provide a seamless experience for restaurant operators. Incentivio uses Toast’s open API to communicate with each restaurant location and ensure a seamless digital guest experience. Pura Vida menus, promotions and discounts are completely synced for accurate reporting.

Increasing Interaction with Guests
Since 73% of diners agree that restaurant technology improves their guest experience, an increasing amount of restaurants are prioritizing improving the digital guest experience. With their newest location launching on a college campus, Pura Vida anticipated digital ordering becoming a larger portion of their business. Pura Vida wanted to increase loyalty and engagement with their guests and provide a modern ordering solution.

The Pura Vida app has been a tremendous success from day one – their app reached 8% of total sales in the first few weeks and is projected to account for over $350,000 in sales per location the first year.  Since launch, customer retention has been a crucial part of their mobile success. After ordering once, 62% of customers used the app again, and one out of every ten customers use the app on a daily basis. Only 22% of restaurants offer mobile pay or payment through an app and Pura Vida leveraged this feature to offer convenience and a superior digital guest experience.


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